The Only Other Woman Governor With Kids at Home

10 09 2008

according to an MSNBC interview just now, is Jennifer Granholm, governor of Michigan, where 400,000 jobs already have been lost in this Bush-McCain economy.

“We are the poster child for this global shift in manufacturing jobs” said Granholm . . .

Governor Granholm responded to the Detroit mayor’s scandal and the McCain-Palin ad regarding same: “this is exactly what they want to do, is create a divisive atmosphere. . .by race. . . it is a cynical and wrong attack” —

Thinking Parents so enthusiastically defending Gov. Sarah Palin’s virtues, might ask themselves whether they “feel” the same about Granholm — and if not, why not?




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10 09 2008

I’m sure Spunky has had a few unflattering things to say about Granholm.

Wait, you said Thinking Parents. Never mind 🙂

10 09 2008
Nance Confer

I thought it was sexism we were supposed to be so outraged about. Sigh. . . hard to keep track of the phony issues.


10 09 2008

Smart a*s — and I bet you’re right.

10 09 2008

Moms raising families we love beyond all reason, in mutually guaranteed liberty, the whole united nation putting our money where our policy mouth is, for moms and kids and families and education — isn’t that what we all are “for”?

So doesn’t that apply equitably to both R-Sarah Palin and D- Jennifer Granholm? And if it doesn’t, how can it be either feminism or democracy?

12 09 2008
Nance Confer

That was painful — watching Palin last night. It’s tough to learn all that stuff in such a short time, I guess.


12 09 2008
Nance Confer

And next time, I want Obama to go first in the forum. I made it most of the way through McCain’s time without nodding off but then life interrupted and I never made it back to Obama’s time. Not that the “service” issue was anywhere near the top of the list of things these candidates should be laying out for the public. I did like the format but, come on, let’s start with the economy, then the wars, then healthcare — an hour each for each candidate in prime time. Sounds great. But “service?” Waste of time.


12 09 2008

We were in Quincy rehearsing for Singin’ in the Rain. I set a recording for the Columbia U. service forum but not the ABC Palin interview, wasn’t sure where to find it.

Then late last night when we got home, I watched my recordings from the night before THAT, so I wouldn’t get too far behind. OMG — did you see this?

And courtesy of COD’s link to Wonkette’s classic 9-11 column, don’t miss the kitschy giant winged baby monster from Hell. . .

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