Stupid Power of Story — Just Got Trapped in a Gas Panic

12 09 2008

Betty’s right. The American people in cynically whipped-up news-cycle crowds, are just downright stupid. A danger to themselves and OTHERS, which would include me and my kids. . .so if Sarah Palin is the patron saint of Big Oil and Stupid People, this is what her ticket’s America would be like?

JJ is quite hungry and cross.

From the afternoon update to my Tallahassee Democrat, too late to save me innocently venturing out into the middle of bedlam:
. . .Rumors of a fuel shortage spread like wildfire across the state, prompting Agriculture and Consumers Services Commissioner Charlie Bronson to call a late afternoon press conference.

“There is no fuel shortage in Florida,” Bronson said. “There’s hundreds of millions of gallons available.”

. . .A fuel panic swept Gainesville on Thursday, where long gas lines spilled over onto a busy thoroughfare, tempers flared and the police were called, said Randy Bly, a spokesman for AAA Auto Club South.

“Our office has been flooded with calls,” Bly said “This was consumer -driven, it was like a run on the bank. There really is no shortage, we are well supplied. . .”

Rumpy-Pumpy Minerals Management in Peep-Toe Patent Leather?

12 09 2008

Honestly, who needs to write whole posts anymore?

I heard on morning radio that someone has a new book out: Eccentric Glamour. Probably it’s not about our country’s newest campaign combatant, The People’s Pitbull tricked out for war with Russia in lipstick and patent leather, but who knows or has the capacity to care anymore?

It was led by news that the Japanese spectacle frame suppliers for the naughty librarian’s look, are back-ordered, and followed by sex-drugs-and-corruption among the ethically challenged Bush administration’s Big Oil um, drill-me-here, drill-me-now female regulators (is that sexist to mention?):

. . .revelations of rumpy-pumpy may finally inspire a real shake-up. . .It all gives a whole new meaning to getting screwed by the oil industry.

Revelations of rumpy-pumpy?
Which side deserves credit or blame for “election protection” in Ohio?
Just grab a few words for a headline and you’re exhausted . . .
And absent adrenal glands in perpetual hyperdrive like yours and mine — fight-flight, fight-flight, FIGHT-FLIGHT!!!! — who could believe anything we’d truthfully write, anyway?

Is this the Republicans’ secret master plan for renewable domestic energy? Adrenaline?
It’s certainly cheap!
And yeah, we do “actually” control it ourselves, no need to depend on foreign powers to generate it.
Its potential to animate America appears to be unlimited.
But calling the end result “clean” is just going too far, a bridge to nowhere. . .