Lipsticked Kiss of the Spiderwoman?

19 09 2008

All very interesting but I probably didn’t respond to this study the way the researcher intended. I was trying to figure out which politician best fit his various threat pictures. Who would be the dazed and bloodied guy as president, who would be the spiderwoman? 😉

Politics & Society
Could Political Views Be Driven By Biology?
by Nell Greenfieldboyce

Morning Edition, September 19, 2008 · In a recent television interview, Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin stressed that she did not blink when Sen. John McCain asked her to be his running mate. But a new study suggests that people with conservative views on certain political issues may be more likely to blink hard when startled.

John Hibbing, a researcher at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, has been studying whether people’s political beliefs might be linked to biological traits such as their startle reflex.

. . .The volunteers sat in front of a computer with sensors on their fingers, to measure skin moisture — that’s a kind of stress test. They also had sensors under their eyes, to measure how hard they blinked. The researchers told them to watch as some images flashed on the computer screen.

“Some of these pictures are very soothing, like a sunset or a bunny rabbit,” says Hibbing, “and others are quite threatening.”

The threatening pictures included a dazed man covered with blood, an open wound with maggots, and a large spider crawling across someone’s face. . .