Did JJ Write This Note to Bill Clinton?

24 09 2008

No, she didn’t, of course. Paul Slanksy did. But I wish I had. And I hope he reads it and we all hold him accountable for his own monstrous self-indulgence as a supposed leader. FINALLY!

Given that we would never have had the odious George W. Bush in the White House in the first place if it wasn’t for your blow jobs, Bill, it seems obvious that you owe it to the people of this country, and especially to the parents whose kids died in the Iraq War that Gore would never have started, and to all the parents whose kids would be killed in the WarFest that would be a McCain/Palin — sorry, Palin/McCain administration — to do everything in your power to get Barack Obama elected.

But that’s not what you’re doing, Bill, and it’s not going unnoticed. We see your rage, Bill, it’s too huge to hide. We see that — as Chris Rock so brilliantly pointed out — it pains you to even speak Obama’s name. We see you petulantly rooting against him even as you go through the motions of doing the barest minimum on his behalf to avoid being blamed if he loses.

You’re not fooling anyone, Bill. You’ve gotten so caught up in yesterday that you’ve stopped thinking about tomorrow. You have the power to influence millions of voters and you’re spitefully sitting on it. Surely you’ve noticed what’s going on in the country. Surely you’re aware of what’s at stake on November 4th. This is not a game that you can afford to take your ball and go home with if you don’t get to play the position you want. An Obama loss will most certainly be part of your legacy.

There’s still time to fix it. How about this for an October surprise? Bill Clinton gets on the road and spends every day until the election sincerely and wholeheartedly communicating the urgency of electing Obama. You’re the greatest politician of your generation, Bill. Surely you can fake enthusiasm for a month.

Oh, and stop talking about how much you like Senator McCain. Have you forgotten the vile joke he told a decade ago at your wife’s and daughter’s expense? Let me remind you: “Do you know why Chelsea Clinton is so ugly? She’s the child of Janet Reno and Hillary Clinton.” Are you saying, Bill, that you can forgive McCain for calling Chelsea “ugly” but you can’t forgive Obama for defeating Hillary?

If Obama loses a close election — one in which even one state where you could have made a difference goes for McCain because you sat home and pouted — it will be on you. We will remember that you couldn’t be bothered to rise above your petty resentments for something as trivial as saving your country from the enemies of everything you profess to believe in. We forgave you for Monica, Bill, but we won’t forgive you for this.




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24 09 2008
Nance Confer

I’m still trying to digest how bumbling McCain looked today with his dash to DC — but not — and attempt to cancel the debate — oh no, just postpone it and cancel the VP debate — follow the bouncing ball of ineptitude.

And listening to Wall Street types talk about hearing nothing of real substance from Paulsen and Bernanke to help them get a real good handle on the economic “crisis” — so at least it’s not just me — but we sure are all supposed to panic — but that seems to be helping Obama’s numbers — because people think he has a clue? or because he is calm and apparently knows how to multitask?

Bill Clinton’s juvenile posturing hasn’t really registered. Are voters really going to change their vote based on him? Well, if so, he should straighten up and do the right thing.

Too much for one day — have to go find something dumb to watch on TV — other than the news. 🙂


24 09 2008

I know – we’ve been out on the road and this pace of development is just mind-boggling. I’m sitting here now waiting to see Keith Olbermann filling in on Letterman because McCain bailed on him today . . .

Btw I owe Nancy Pelosi an apology. I heard her on NPR tonight, from an interview this afternoon about all this, and she sounded just great. Very experienced and wise yet tough and clear. I’ve really disliked her in every exposure to her before, and tonight I realized that was because I always SEE her on tv and never just hear her. It was like the infamous Kennedy-Nixon debate difference for me.

So, sorry Nancy! — now I too don’t see, what they all don’t see in you! 😉

25 09 2008

And here’s more flattering power of story about Bill Clinton. . .

25 09 2008
Nance Confer

None of theses bozos are off the hook with me. Nancy included. 🙂

They let this war go on and on, they let and participated in the deregulation behind some of the economic trouble, they have been extremely cooperative with a President who has done nothing but bash my country.

Maybe they will all start to behave better when they have a substantial majority but that’s when it’s easy. . .

Letterman was so funny last night — not that I was up that late, Miss JJ! — but here’s a link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjkCrfylq-E


25 09 2008

I made it last night but FavD didn’t (she has early classes this semester) so thanks for that. First thing I heard this morning was FOX morning people decrying Letterman’s shocking sport with the economy, which is “no laughing matter!” How dare he, and who were those horrid people in the audience who actually laughed at this tragedy?? Proving they concluded, that Letterman along with so much of the media is totally in the tank for Obama.

Which logically — I know, it was FOX, why would I bring logic into it? — only proves they know this was about mocking McCain, not our economy or each other’s struggles.

25 09 2008

Now FOX is complaining that the media narrative about Palin is sexist because cartoons are treating her as a lightweight. So here’s more media psychology, since we’re on the subject (sort of) —

CNN’s Campbell Brown, who herself infuriated the McCain camp into bailing on a scheduled Larry King appearance by daring to press a question of campaign flak Tucker Bounds by asking for just one actual example of some talking point he was asserting so blithely, now dares to question who’s actually being sexist in this election:

A prominent female news anchor chastised the McCain campaign Tuesday evening for engaging in sexism and insulting behavior in its attempt to shield Gov. Sarah Palin from members of the press.

In a fiery commentary, Campbell Brown laid into John McCain for casting a “chauvinistic chain” that ran over his running mate. Punctuated by a call to “Free Sarah Palin,” the CNN anchor highlighted the attempt Tuesday by the McCain campaign to ban editorial reporters from covering Palin’s visit with world leaders at the UN, as yet another gender-demeaning move in a campaign highlighted by sexist behavior. . .

“This woman is from Alaska for crying out loud. She is strong. She is tough. She is confident. And you claim she is ready to be one heart beat away form the presidency. . . By treating Sarah Palin different from the other candidates in this race, you are not showing her the respect she deserves. Free Sarah Palin. Free her from the chauvinistic chain you are binding her with. Sexism in this campaign must come to an end. Sarah Palin has just as much a right to be a real candidate in this race as the men do. So let her act like one.”

This is, it seems, one of the strongest backlashes to the war that McCain and his aides have waged with the press.

25 09 2008
Nance Confer

Where’s the press been before this? Why doesn’t ANY of the coverage I see on TV — not that I can stomach more than seconds of Fox — cover the deregulation issue?

Not today’s campaign-fed talking point? Can’t cover it.


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