It’s Banned Books Week — Read Something Shocking!

27 09 2008

Is this a good time to mention BANNED BOOKS WEEK is upon us again?  And how fitting that the vice-presidential debate falls right in the middle of it!

“Closing Books Shuts Out Ideas”
[Last year’s theme was “Free People Read Freely!”]
September 27- October 4, 2008

For more:
Palin’s “Actual Responsibilities” as Madame Mayor”

Ignorance Makes the N-Word Even Scarier

Family and Politics

Ban the Book-burning Book for Banned Books Week??

Or maybe you’d like Mess is Robust, With Resonance!

One shudders to think how much more Big School can stand to systemize! Is even more corporate power to tidy up both school and home really healthy for children and families? Rowdy recess games are long gone, purses and cupcakes are being banned as unacceptably untidy, long lists of clothing, toys and ingestible substances including candy have been purged, along with  books judged too stimulating and therefore disorderly for school shelves.

So I tend to welcome counterpoint now and then, toward uncontrolled, untidy thought, word and deed.



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28 09 2008
Nance Confer

How the heck is Biden going to be able to go after Palin? Miss Prim and Proper versus Man of the World.

How many people will actually applaud her looking into banning books? Will be shocked if he mentions it and introduces sex (shocking!) into the debate?

How can he address anything she’s ever done and not come off as mean and just too slick for God-fearing America?

She seems like such an easy target but people like her. Some people. People who vote based on things like keeping books out of school libraries. Sigh. . .


28 09 2008

I was thinking that Gwen Ifill will be the moderator, and if there’s a more dignified, well-spoken, well-educated, reflective and respected female in the public sphere today, she’s not coming to mind!

So maybe that — viewers seeing two very different women in the debate, not just poor plucky Palin gamely representing all womanhood — will stand as proof that a smart, prepared, internationally and intellectually engaged woman needn’t look anything like the picture of Palin that’s being painted.

I’m thinking Biden should ask her questions about McCain rather than herself, encourage her to talk as long as she likes but then rinse and repeat to “give her another chance” to offer specifics. He should use the Katie Couric tone, avoid any Charlie Gibson note of condescension.

The original debate agreement says this will be a table with the three of them seated together, but then that’s what the debate Friday was supposed to have been as well, so I don’t know what will happen with the set-up (or if they’ll actually have it, of course!)

29 09 2008

Hi JJ,

I was going to blog about Michelle Goldberg’s new article about Sarah Palin, but I’m not feeling well, so probably won’t. It’s a great article that sheds light on the book banning episode, as well as Palin’s background and connections. Demographic changes/power shifts occuring in Wasilla, too.

29 09 2008

I predict Palin spends almost zero time talking about herself, McCain, or his policy ideas. Instead, she will reflect every question back to Biden in an effort to force him to spend all his time reacting to her. She simply is not capable of thinking on her feet about national issues. They will be playing defense for the entire debate.

6 10 2008
Mark keenan

How can books be banned in the USA? Is it not enshined in your constitution under freedom of speech?

6 10 2008
Nance Confer

You would think so. But there are those who think they can remake the freedoms that belong to all of us to fit their own odd notions.

Here’s one example from Governor Palin — skip to the end to see her views (or somebody’s) on freedom of the press:

Of course, Palin also thinks she should expand the role of the VP beyond the Executive Branch, continuing Cheney’s work in that direction.


6 10 2008


Because our Constitution is so “flexible” says the winking, flirting, barely educated sports broadcaster-beauty queen, to the constitutional scholars and law professors on the other ticket.

6 10 2008

Mark and others from the UK might be interested in Christopher Hitchen’s comparison of Palin to Margaret Thatcher, on MSNBC this morning.

He basically said the mere thought of the Iron Lady — also a sort of outsider as a grocer’s daughter, yes? — winking and wiggling her hips when answering public governance questions (or any questions) was impossible to entertain and wrong on every level, and so it made him ask himself what in the world McCain must think of us, to force us to think of that with his campaign judgments and decisions. And then Hitchens said that once we’re made to ask ourselves that question, we should reject the person making us ask it.

p.s. And wikipedia says Margaret Thatcher played HOCKEY in school. (I’d wink here but Palin is turning me against that emoticon in political discussion.)

6 10 2008

Lynn, I just got to the Nation article you linked. Thanks!

Mark, you can read this for more perspective. Almost all American book banning proponents, including Palin, come at it from a holier-than-thou Biblical justification, never mind the Constitution.

27 09 2009
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