If All Gallons Are Created Equal, Are They Interchangeable?

8 10 2008

Yesterday at the convenience store, I bought both milk and gasoline at the same place at the same time. Both essential commodities that my unschooling family depends upon every day.

I paid exactly the same price for one gallon of milk and one gallon of gas, three dollars and forty-nine cents each.

What does that mean? Anyone, anyone? Bueller?




5 responses

8 10 2008
Crimson Wife

I’d be happy to pay $3.49 for either gas or milk. Gas here in the S.F. Bay Area is $3.73 and when I bought milk last week it was something like $5.49. And that’s for conventional milk, not even the organic stuff.

8 10 2008

Gas dropped below $3.25 a gallon here this week. Milk is around $4 a gallon for the store brand stuff.

8 10 2008
Nance Confer

It means both are priced way too high considering wages have not gone up to match these everyday necessities.


8 10 2008
Not June Cleaver

LOL! I just had this conversation with the kids a couple of weeks ago. They are aware that gas prices are really high. I was getting on their cases about wasting milk — you know, making the cereal float and then leaving all the milk in the bowl. I said, “You know, milk is expensive. A gallon of milk costs as much as a gallon of gas!” There hasn’t been any milk left in the bowls lately. 🙂

8 10 2008

And hopefully no gas either! 😉

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