Forget the White House, Send McCain-Palin to a LIBRARY!

18 10 2008

More on just how stupid you’d have to be to claim stupid as a qualifying virtue for the presidency, and just how stupid we’d have to be to elect it:

It didn’t start out this way.

Once upon a time we had leaders who were both highly intelligent and intellectually curious. While our current president struggles with English, our Founding Fathers spoke four to five languages. They weren’t just politicians but diplomats and inventors, scientists, authors and public intellectuals.

And they were, to a man, extremely well read.

In college, Thomas Jefferson often read fifteen hours a day – and he read important works in the original – as it was a given that, along with mathematics, history and philosophy, an educated person should know Latin, Greek and French.

There was a crazy idea at the time that if you wanted to play a role in the affairs of the world, you should learn a thing or two about it first.

There was a time when America’s leaders neither aspired to be average nor pretended to be. They weren’t Joe Six-Pack . . . Read the rest of this entry »

Ohio’s Turn for Power of Story

18 10 2008

I say we just roll with it. We could tell people in Ohio it’s their manifest destiny or god’s plan or whatever, as presciently revealed in 1902, for their whole state to support both OBAMA and OPRAH as a sort of third-millennium Adam and Eve, because in Ohio “O” is their alpha and omega, their yin and yang, the name that means their battleground has been chosen to fulfill American purpose.

It’s grander than six packs and scofflaw plumbers at least . . .