Ohio’s Turn for Power of Story

18 10 2008

I say we just roll with it. We could tell people in Ohio it’s their manifest destiny or god’s plan or whatever, as presciently revealed in 1902, for their whole state to support both OBAMA and OPRAH as a sort of third-millennium Adam and Eve, because in Ohio “O” is their alpha and omega, their yin and yang, the name that means their battleground has been chosen to fulfill American purpose.

It’s grander than six packs and scofflaw plumbers at least . . .



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18 10 2008

Speaking of Joe Scofflaws versus government and golden-parachuting CEOs, and who should get to keep all the “free market” money for himself– here is who I care about in this economic crisis, more than any of the fighting grownups, which makes yet another reason to support Obama’s intelligent ideas for getting America back on track toward the future.

It comes to mind because the NYT just called for Congress to DO something about it.

4 12 2008
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