Go Red Sox!

19 10 2008

We’ll be watching from the edge of our seats tonight. There — I just had to shout that.  🙂




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20 10 2008
Crimson Wife

Are we back to the old pattern of the Sox stringing us along only to break our hearts at the last minute? 😦

If the pattern continues, however, they are due to be world champs in 2011. They’ve won it all both years I had a child who turned 2. So we’ll have to see if this new baby will receive a 2nd birthday present from the Sox as well!

21 10 2008

We humans sure are pattern-making creatures. 🙂

21 10 2008

We had no business being in the ALCS this year. The Angels took 9 of 10 from the Red Sox in the regular season. With the injuries to Lowell and Big Papi, and Veritek about as useful at the plate as Wakefield would be, it was amazing that the made it to game 7 in the ALCS. My concern is that this is not just an injury for Ortiz, but the beginning of a rapid decline. Power hitters decline rapidly in MLB.

21 10 2008

Yeah, while the Rays go from worst to first in that same time. What a difference a season makes. That whole thrilling, hold-your-breath, re-sign Series MVP Lowell episode wasn’t even a year ago yet. . .

21 10 2008

Speaking of seeing patterns and projecting outcomes . . . presidential pollstrology! 😉

Below you’ll find a slew of polling, astrological, and betting information that will hopefully help the polling junkies in the media keep polls in the proper perspective.

21 10 2008
Crimson Wife

One of the most interesting exercises my college statistics professor had us do was to design two polls on the same topic that would lead to the exact opposite conclusions. It was really eye-opening to see just how making subtle changes to the way questions were phrased could manipulate the outcome so dramatically. Ever since then, I’ve been much more skeptical of polls, particularly when they’re reported in the media during election season since they’re often little more than propaganda.

22 10 2008
Betty Malone

I’ve always felt that polls caused change, don’t they? As we see the numbers change, don’t most humans subconsciously adapt their thinking..which obviously is “propaganda” at work… I try to ignore polls also. Again, remembering that history shows evidence that polls don’t always reflect the genuine outcome of any election.

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