Singing for Life, Liberty, Health and Happiness

27 10 2008

This is an article about singing. It’s about you singing. I’m writing this because I want to encourage you to sing. . .
If I were asked to redesign the educational system, I’d insist group singing be part of the daily routine.”

— Brian Eno, ODE Magazine



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27 10 2008

And don’t forget all the other arts as education!
“Hockey Moms, Make Room for Amy the Art Mom”

27 10 2008
Nance Confer

Were you listening to NPR this morning, JJ? They interviewed a physics professor who thought more people would be interested in their physics classes if, ta da!, storytelling was a bigger part of the way physics is taught.


27 10 2008

OOH – power of story, you know me so well. 🙂
I missed it live so thanks, now I won’t miss it altogether.

We were telling FavD’s voice teacher about the singing article this afternoon, and she said, “I know! Kids in school learn best by making up little rhymes and songs for everything, because that’s the way our minds work!”

27 10 2008

OTOH, I posted the hockey and arts mom column to my local eclectic hs list, because we’re in a college town with lots of wonderful resources many of us enjoy for our hsing kids, and got a snarky push-back from some radical libertarian mom claiming it was unconstitutional to fund any arts (or education for that matter) because it wasn’t explicitly written in as a government power. Sigh.

Nance, is stupid almost over? Please tell me it is. I don’t think I can stand it another week.

27 10 2008

NYT says “Sing You Sinners (and Saints)”— remind me to tell you what Favorite Daughter’s voice teacher told us today about church and music.

27 10 2008

The Miami Science Museum has two exhibits on music going . . .

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