Who Is the Real Anti-Obama School Board Theocrat?

7 11 2008


Hey, doesn’t she favor that Minnesota McCarthy, Michele Bachmann??


Michele Bachmann at 2008 RNC, AP photo

I got curious after our last discussion, wondering how any public education official could be so openly anti-American and anti-Constitution, and still be allowed to serve — even in Texas.  And it figures. She’s another Monica Goodling litter-mate, spawned by Pat Robertson to subvert secular justice from the inside.

The connection I personally draw between Palin and Donohue and Gonzales/Goodling, is how in power, they let their personal beliefs and desires run roughshod over others, individuals who do NOT rightfully belong to them to play God (or Godfather) with.

. . .”People see her as the symbol of purity in an atmosphere of corruption,” says Anchorage pollster Marc Hellenthal. “She is almost Saint Sarah.”

Here’s her bio.
Here’s her “law school.”

The school’s motto is “Christian Leadership To Change the World,” and the world seems to be changing apace. Former Attorney General John Ashcroft teaches at Regent, and [up to 150] graduates have achieved senior positions in the Bush administration. The express goal is not only to tear down the wall between church and state in America (a “lie of the left,” according to Robertson) but also to enmesh the two.

The law school’s dean, Jeffrey A. Brauch, urges in his “vision” statement that students reflect upon “the critical role the Christian faith should play in our legal system.” Jason Eige (’99), senior assistant to Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell, puts it pithily in the alumni newsletter, Regent Remark: “Your Résumé Is God’s Instrument.”

This legal worldview meshed perfectly with that of former Attorney General John Ashcroft—a devout Pentecostal . . .[like Palin?]

Yes, the creepiness is palpable. (Just keep telling yourself it’ll be okay, now that the smart states are waking up.) Read the rest of this entry »