ESPN: How Homeschooling is Like the BCS

8 11 2008

In a GOOD way. . .I think . . .if there’s anything even arguably good about the BCS. . .

(For homeschoolers and unschoolers oblivious to this cultural reference — like Nance — see previous rantings here and here.)

Gene Wojciechowski Nov 6, 2008:
My good buddy, Ivan Maisel, who recently authored a must-buy book on college football — defends the BCS by comparing it to home schooling. Just because it’s different, he says, doesn’t make it wrong.

But in this case, different isn’t better. It’s just different. It’s also mind-numbingly dumb. The people who think this is the best we can do are the same people who think Roger Moore was a better Bond than Sean Connery.

Also like home education — never mind public schooling, much less party politics running our elections — our society’s reasons for creating and continuing the BCS are murky, and even if we knew what they were and agreed to go there together, no one’s in charge who can do anything to that end. Which in the end we seem to prefer:

[USC coach Pete Carroll] has a long history of shrugging his shoulders and blowing off any questions about the merits and inner workings of the BCS. He was always an “it is what it is” kind of guy.

So when Carroll goes rogue, you should pay attention. Yes, he could be posturing and campaigning for his program. But he also spoke the truth when he said, “What is the criteria of the process? Is it to pick the team that has the best season, that has the season that you like the most and feel best about voting for? Or is it the best team at the end of the year, the team that would win a playoff system if you did have it?”

Good questions. And good luck getting answers to them. That’s because there’s nobody really in charge of the BCS. Carroll compared it to the Wizard of Oz. “Somebody behind that screen there, but we don’t know who it is,” he said.



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9 11 2008

“Perspective routinely trampled by stampeding emotion. . .”

We talked during the campaign about the real dangers of hate-filled smears and attacks on a targeted individual, but if you don’t know college football in the South, you can’t really understand what a Palin whips up and how easily ignited into an autumn bonfire it is:

Some fans burned Saban in effigy at a bonfire Friday night. Others wore profane T-shirts. One kid in the LSU student section wore a toilet seat around his waist with a picture of Saban in the bowl.

Bitterness was running at or near an all-time high — which is saying something in a league in which perspective is routinely trampled by stampeding emotion. It’s possible that no single individual has been booed this enthusiastically by this many people.

After spending all week brushing aside questions about this melodrama, Saban appeared to subtly broadcast a peace signal by wearing a light purple tie into the stadium. . . Perhaps he was trying to mollify potential snipers who picked up the color scheme in their rifle scopes.

16 11 2008

Go Gators! Thinking parents, thinking players, a thinking president — beats the hell out of what Palin and her ilk cling to.

Smarter is the key word. Cornerback Joe Haden said last year, Florida defenders played “like robots.”

. . . Now, Haden said, the Gators understand the offenses they face.
“We’re anticipating,” Haden said. “Last year, we were reacting.”

And there’s this about working smarter together, instead of competing even against your own teammates as Palin obviously prefers:

And though none of the young defenders is a biology major, the group has learned about symbiotic relationships. “Defense,” sophomore cornerback Joe Haden said, “can be the best offense.”

30 11 2008

And now that the perennial homeschooler war on other forms of school choice has reared its ugly head yes again, sigh, here’s an instructive piece of advice we could take to heart (not that we will but it’s nice to understand that we COULD):

BCS Mesmerizes and Enrages at the Same Time

6 01 2009
Education or “championship of tax dodges” in BCS excess? « Cocking A Snook!

[…] Regular readers know JJ bleeds orange and blue, and that her beloved Gators are headed for the BCS championship game Thursday, and that UF’s famous phenom quarterback Tim Tebow is also famous […]

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