Why Do We Make Home Movies?

17 11 2008

With family movies on my mind today, I came across David Pogue’s home movie-making column. It gave me pause, particularly the soul-searching about what we realistically can expect to inflict on our posterity as a captive audience (which also brought homeschooling to mind, of course.)

Clearly, I’m not alone; the crazy-fast sales of digital cameras, year after year, teach us that recording our lives is a fundamental human instinct.

But why, exactly, do we spend hundreds of dollars on equipment to film and store our pictures and videos, without any assurance that anyone will ever want to view them?




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17 11 2008

Well, I can certainly tell you that after going through all of my Dad’s boxes of “stuff” I did not find the big box of 8 mm home movies that I remember from my childhood. Photos galore, but no movies.

I’m guessing they weren’t saved at some point in the past.

18 11 2008

My folks never made home movies and weren’t much on photos either. We did a lot of video when the kids were little, and Favorite Daughter took over several years ago for holidays. So we had a boxful of home mini-videotapes and by coincidence, just the other day she decided to go through it all and transfer it to DVDs.

We didn’t particularly want to watch it all but in order to do the transfer on the equipment we have, it has to run in real time at regular speed. Which means she, Young Son and I have had hours and hours of some really surprising and fun viewing. It’s easy to get caught up in it, almost like time travel.

One thing the movies brought home to me I’d have missed without them — Young Son’s voice changed only last year and yet the recent Christmas movies make him with his pre-changed voice, sound like some stranger. I’ve already forgotten what my little boy’s voice sounded like, what kind of callous mother must I be!? 😉

This is especially unsettling because for months his NEW voice startled me, every time I would phone home and he’d answer, for instance. I guess we’re all more adaptable to “new normal” than we think we are?

20 11 2008

His readers react today. Apparently he made some of them cry. 🙂

2 10 2009
Safe and Sound Video

I do transfers from film and video into a variety of digital formats. I see a TON of home movies and I often wonder who’s going to watch the 25 nearly complete high school basketball games I just transfered for a client.

When you start looking at older stuff, many of the participants have passed away. I have another client who had me transfer the family 8mm movies to DVD and he’s going to have his mother record a commentary. I’ll lay the commentary under the otherwise silent movies so the family will know who’s who and what event is what.

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