Deschooling a School-minded Dad

23 11 2008

All adults in the home shall demonstrate on a daily basis and with 100% integrity, that learning without schooling beats schooling without learning.
Class dismissed.

Last November’s post is hereby promoted to “First Thinks First” on the Snook homepage, due to interest in secular home education from new visitors via Parenting Beyond Belief. 🙂

THOUGHT EXPERIMENT: Unschooling Lessons for a School-minded Dad
. . .Maybe teaching is like communism. Makes perfect sense in the abstract, sounds like the obvious answer, until we actually try to make it work and learn for ourselves how it fails.

I don’t mean to sound sneaky or suggest you fool him. I really do endorse this as a TRUE unschooling lesson in both message and delivery. Help Dad experience for himself how learning without schooling works — and schooling without learning doesn’t.



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23 11 2008

How did I miss this post before!? I’m glad you promoted it. 🙂

23 11 2008

Well, YOU don’t really need it now, after such a great year figuring all this out in real time, but maybe it will enlighten another thinking parent or two. 🙂

23 11 2008

We might add my note to the first time homeschooling dad…

23 11 2008

Good, thanks Chris — I liked Todd’s comment. 🙂

Thanks for providing encouragement for others – often in subtle ways men are portrayed in this culture as only being able to participate in the family as authority figures and “providers” and excused from other participation because of a lack of aptitude.

23 11 2008

OK so it looks like maybe I didn’t miss it before. Apparently, I needed to hear it again though!! 😉

25 11 2008
Crimson Wife

We all have our own individual “baggage” that we bring to homeschooling from our own schooling experiences. In my case, I attended a progressive school from K-3 before switching to a traditional government-run school (a change I wish my parents had not had to make but they simply didn’t have the money for 3 private school tuitions). I think my experience with a less formal and more “child-led” style of education has led me to be less “schoolish” than my DH who is the product of 13 years of very traditional Catholic schools.

He’s still skeptical about homeschooling in general and would absolutely freak out at the idea of “unschooling”. So to keep him from insisting on enrolling the kids in a traditional school that means I need to make our homeschool more structured than would be my preference. Like so many other things in marriage, it’s all about compromise. Neither of us gets exactly what we would like but it’s something we can both live with…

25 11 2008

Grinning big at the idea of you being the child-led, flexible one —

25 11 2008

I hope we are comfortable enough with our differences by now for a little teasing. You’re right of course, that parents need to come together in mutual understanding and support somewhere, or else no answer is a very good one for the child.

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