Holiday Traditions and Gay Marriage

27 11 2008

The current topic at the Thinking Homeschoolers Wiki is:

How do the recent votes to ban gay marriage fit with your holiday traditions and ideas of family?

They don’t fit. They don’t fit at all. And they don’t fit the spirit of Thanksgiving or of America.

At my family’s Thanksgiving celebration, we will watch the parade —


We will eat too much  —


and visit.

At no time will we select a group of people to exclude from our table. The whole idea of excluding someone because they are gay would be inappropriate. Unsettling. Un-American.

And, as my wonderful son pointed out last night, counter to everything that our country’s history teaches us. We always move, if too slowly, in the direction of more freedom, not less. He wanted to know why we can’t just cut to the chase. We all know how this will turn out. Why are we wasting everyone’s time and energy on delaying anyone from marrying when our country has so many more important things to work on?

When my very American family gets together for Thanksgiving dinner it is not to thank a god but to celebrate each other.

This year we will be thankful that we have jobs to put a turkey on the table. Thankful that the cars started and we all made it to the table. That all the children are happy and healthy. That the year’s problems have been dealt with. Together. This Christmas the spending will be sparse but there will be a little something. So we can be thankful for the work that makes that possible, which is so much more than some others have.

Mainly, we are thankful for each other. We are a close-knit family and constantly helping each other out. That’s a very good thing.

Like any other family, we have had our share of problems. Family members disagree. Divorces happen. Illness and death strain ties. People move away, move back. Jobs come and go. Hurricanes strike. Children grow up and move out. Parents age. Heck, even we age. 🙂

Everyone pitches in, adjusts, helps, gives and our family grows and continues.

How, with these real family dynamics to deal with, would we have the time, energy or inclination to assume that we also need to decide who gets married or not? That decision is simply outside the scope of the real issues that our real family deals with.

Fall in love and marry, or don’t, whoever you prefer. We’ll fit them into the mix and work out the details as life unfolds. We’ll treat them decently and expect the same. What else would we have any right to expect?

And we’ll be thankful that we have each other as we muddle through together.




2 responses

27 11 2008

Happy Thanksgiving {{{Nance and Family}}}!

27 11 2008
Nance Confer

Thanks! 🙂

And the same to you and your family and everyone else here! 🙂


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