Homeschoolism: When Learning is Life and Death

29 11 2008

I’ve seen no online homeschooler blogging on this yet — did you realize the young girl murdered by (presumably) religious terrorists in Mumbai, was homeschooled in an insulated quasi-religious community right here in the good old USA?

No one could have predicted Alan and Naomi Sherr, a father and daughter, would not return to their home in Nelson County, Virginia.

Alan, 58, was a Vice-President for the Synchronicity Foundation – an organization that promotes meditation. His 13-year-old daughter grew up at the Foundation’s 450 acre property near Charlottesville.. . . Naomi completed the 8th grade a year early through a home-school program.

See Daryl’s threads here and here for ideas and information we think connect.

The spiritual system they followed is a 25-year-old design called Synchronicity. Wikipedia entry here with leads and connections at the end in “see also” section. Anybody got other info, or better yet, personal experience with this particular brand of foundation-based and tax-exempt Synchronicity you can post? Links to other blogposts as they come up, are welcome too.

It’s OK

29 11 2008

Please. Tell your children it’s OK. The economy sucks and it’s hard to find a job or find the money for college. But you are not expecting them to solve all these problems. That their room is still there. That you’ve fed and housed and clothed them all these years because you love them and not because you were waiting for the clock to run out.

Tell them to wave the guy at the mall off. The one with the military brochures. Tell them that’s not an answer and you really do know something about this and life can be long and wonderful, if it’s not stolen from you at 18, and you will all get through this together.

That’s what you celebrated at Thanksgiving, wasn’t it? How much you love and cherish your family, including that 6-footer who used to be your baby?

Don’t let them fall for the lines of the hucksters in uniform who prey on their fears about the future. Help them. As you always have.