Governor Charlie Crist and the Pipers

4 12 2008


Young Son’s Scottish bagpipers, that is. 🙂

Meet the Musical McIlroys — taken at the Governor’s Mansion Tuesday night. Daughter Katie (the blonde, who also plays a mean flute and does Highland dancing) is on his education staff.

Btw, I feel much better about celebrating this holiday gathering with the Governor at Home, than I did the last one I blogged about!

So MERRY CHRISTMAS, and for appropriate accompaniment (see if you can hear the piping) click here.



2 responses

7 07 2009
Favorite Daughter Wraps Another Day In EDINBURGH « Cocking A Snook!

[…] they? I don’t think they do. Can I get a McIlroy verification here of a phrase I think charming young Lindsay coined […]

7 07 2009
Patti McIlroy

OK….McIlroy verification….
I am new to this blogging but here goes….
So glad they are enjoying my home town of “Auld Reekie”!
Athens of the North it is!
Edinburgh is surrounded by 7 hills just like Athens, Greece!
Greece and Scotland also share St. Andrew as their Patron Saint.

I should be a Tour Guide!!!

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