See Tim Tebow on Sports Illustrated Cover, Wow!

11 12 2008

UPDATE October 2009, new Tebow cover now seventh or eighth depending what you count:

tebow cover oct 2009 also sec strength story

October 2009 story here.


Wonder Bread, Twinkies and My Father’s Oldsmobiles

11 12 2008

Good post from Dana on identity in home education— she’s got me thinking about movements and communities, businesses and lobbies. Human groups. All the ways we individually brand ourselves for love and money, comfort and survival.

Waking up to the radio this morning, I heard NPR telling the story of how the Wonder Bread and Twinkie company has been bankrupted for years and probably isn’t coming back. It seems our generation of moms grew up with those foods as staples but we changed as American culture changed — or we as individuals WERE the change in the culture — and now those products aren’t healthy enough to feed our own kids.

Healthier kid foods weren’t mandated by government or public action, nor Wonder Bread and Twinkies banned. We as independent individuals over time collectively determined as community, that we should change family by family; each of us remains free in the so-called free market to decide what we think about Twinkies and Wonder Bread, and to spend our own money as we choose, but that’s not the whole story.

Once the brands lose their luster and too many of our neighbors turn away, then a shrinking minority can’t keep the company (or cultural meme) in business no matter how much we want to keep choosing it for ourselves.

Live by the brand, die by the brand. The once-golden bakery brand that had cornered the corner market’s market, turning it into its own community of happy loyalists, gradually “obsolesced” when the company didn’t respond to changes in information and attitude in that same community.

Interstate Bakeries introduced a whole grain variety of Wonder Bread to appeal to more health-conscious consumers. Getty Images

Interstate Bakeries introduced a whole grain variety of Wonder Bread to appeal to more health-conscious consumers. Getty Images

When finally their mistake was realized and they tried to change, adding whole wheat to the white bread and taking the trans-fats out of the snack cakes, it was too late. Public opinion had moved on and once that happens, no advertising can get it back, said the bankrupt bakery CEO.

Just like My Father’s Oldsmobiles, I thought drowsily. We always had GM cars when I was growing up, and they always broke down when we were on family vacations. I spent so many hot hours languishing on roadsides and in crummy out-of-state gas stations that General Motors isn’t likely to get me back. Ever.

My story with cars is personal and individual, but I wasn’t alone in changing my mind about Read the rest of this entry »