See Tim Tebow on Sports Illustrated Cover, Wow!

11 12 2008

UPDATE October 2009, new Tebow cover now seventh or eighth depending what you count:

tebow cover oct 2009 also sec strength story

October 2009 story here.





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12 12 2008
Nance Confer

You know, JJ, you could get one of those wall stick-ons for your room! 🙂

Glad you’re happy! 🙂


12 12 2008

The SI Cover curse says that just guaranteed OK the National Championship.

12 12 2008

Okay, I admit it. It IS a little over the top
but hey, putting the SI cover here might as well be a wall stick-on in my “room” because I get to stare at it to my heart’s content!

The Heisman trophy will be awarded Saturday and Tebow’s a finalist, after last year becoming the first sophomore ever to win it. Only one player before him ever won it twice, so that would be historic again this year if he repeats. Probably he’ll be second to Sam Bradford this year but you never know. So much about school sports including the Heisman (and somehow getting into the championship game itself, go Gators!) isn’t simply based on computing statistical measurements reflecting competition on the field. It’s competing power of story too.

Like our elections and justice system. . .?

Graham Harrell’s coach said what SOMEONE says every year:
— “if Graham is not invited to the Heisman, they ought to quit giving out the award. It is a shameless example of politics ruling over performance.”

Whether I am cheering or snarling over any given game or decision or vote or comment, it’s so cathartic. Then maybe I can be more sanguine about real family issues competing in the free marketplace of ideas. 😉

Like, for example, what’s this strange phenomenon where mothers 20 years ago started naming their newborn boys “Colt” so they’d grow up to be Heisman contenders? Does anyone you know have a son named Colt? Is it a Texas-Oklahoma cultural thing? If so, why did the Hawaii quarterback share that name — was he recruited out of TX or OK? Hmmm. . . . maybe I should’ve named Young Son Gator or Flamingo?

12 12 2008

COD — if the 2004 Red Sox could break the Curse of the Bambino in such spectacular fashion, and the 2007 Tebow broke the no-sophomore ban on the Heisman, I have to believe the 2008 Gators can break the SI cover curse . . .not to mention Obama actually getting the Dem nomination away from the Clintons! Inconceivable!

12 12 2008

Apparently there’s a town in Arkansas called Colt.

12 12 2008

Why Tebow should win

Tebow’s statistics are overshadowed by those of more prolific Big 12 passers such as McCoy, Bradford and Texas Tech’s Graham Harrell. But if the award were determined by strength of schedule, Tebow would be a landslide winner. In 13 games this season, Tebow faced eight of the country’s top-30 defenses. In those eight games, Tebow completed 63 percent of his passes with 18 touchdowns and no interceptions. Nine of his 12 touchdown runs also came against top-30 defenses.

Conversely, Bradford faced only two of the country’s top-30 defenses, and nine that ranked 66th or worse. McCoy didn’t face a defense ranked better than 65th and had his way with eight defenses ranked 86th or worse.

13 12 2008
2 01 2009
15 10 2009

UPDATE October 2009 – new SI Tebow cover story this week:

“You’ve seen that glazed look before. Are they members of a cult?”

[yes! we all are!]

[Orlando Sentinel’s Editor’s Note] : “Technically this is Tim Tebow’s eighth SI cover if you count a special issue called “game breakers” from Sept. 10, 2008. But it’s his seventh SI cover in standard or BCS commemorative issue.”

Story here.

15 10 2009

The Si story writes about religion the way I think of it:

The LSU faithful roasted an alligator on a spit . . .
They made cardboard signs in the shape of a hand with the middle finger sticking up and the words HEY, TEBOW, HOW MANY FINGERS AM I HOLDING UP?

They appealed to whichever saint handles brain injuries, hoping for heavenly intercession that would convince college football’s poster boy to take more time to heal from the concussion he suffered . . . None of this worked, of course.

. . .You’ve seen that glazed look before. Are they members of a cult?

But Tebow takes heavenly intercession and eternal salvation more seriously than he does the SEC. And it’s causing a bit of a separation of church and school sports stir, to accompany the Sports Illustrated glam:

USA TODAY: And I’d like to thank god almighty

WORLD Magazine: Tebow and ‘One Truth” evangelical campaigns

Snook takes school sports mixing with conservative Christianity seriously too. Use the blog search box to the right, or just ask, we’ve got links to make your eyes glaze over and give you that “cult” look . . . 😉

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