Homeschool Moms and a Strange Public Story

12 12 2008

Never mind the Subway boycott story or the debate over who’s a real homeschooler, who’s a real customer? 🙂

What do you think of this UK tale of 13 homeschooling kids having weekly sessions in a Swedish furniture store cafe and even bringing their own food and games — real customers, real homeschoolers, really “quiet time” and really education, or more like really obnoxious? What about the young people working there, trying to learn good business practices and how to handle customers who may be taking advantage or annoying other customers? Yes, they obviously said some ignorant things about home education but did the moms win them over or educate them by the “heated” self-entitled approach they took or just get them in trouble with management, which would tend to make them even more resentful of us?

I’m wide-open to input on this one because I have many mixed feelings!