Next Chapter, In Which Favorite Daughter Receives Her Own First Passport

15 12 2008

Travel is broadening, part of a real education. FavD has been for many months, planning a trip to Europe next summer with a young female friend fluent in French and with family in Belgium. So she needed a passport and we had been reading about the months-long wait and all the extra wartime security checks, etc.

Right after Thanksgiving we went together to the local clerk’s office, with all the stuff one needs, birth certificate and picture ID which in this case was her driver’s license, etc. But then it turned out they can’t take her learner’s permit as a “real” driver’s license, strange.  I guess that’s a federal thing based on problems in other states even though here the regular license and restricted license are the same in terms of ID validity — so anyway, it took us another week, during preparation for her college finals, to Read the rest of this entry »