Stonewall Riots

1 01 2009

Lapping Up Milk

1 01 2009

Have you guys seen Milk yet? Wow.

I generally find more to like than not in theatres stage or film, so you can take my criticism with that in mind, but Favorite Daughter and I were just blown away by this one today at our local art house. This sure isn’t the cross between made-for-tv docudrama and blatant screed I was braced for.

Extraordinary. It was entertainment, education, time travel almost for me. And enlightenment.

In places it reminded us of women’s suffrage in America, particularly as we saw that history in “Iron-Jawed Angels.”

I’m not a Sean Penn fan (well, I wasn’t but this is REALLY something.) I never was an Anita Bryant fan either, even being from Florida and remembering her as our official “orange juice” spokesmodel. Favorite Daughter had never heard of her but certainly has a strong opinion now. Watching the film and thinking about it later, I now find Bryant’s “Save Our Children” bigotry much more ominous and offensive than I did when I was, well, politically not much more than a child myself.

In fairness (not that she deserves it) Wikipedia suggests Bryant repented some years later, good power of story because apparently her epiphany arose when she fell victim to her own patriarchal fundamentalism: Read the rest of this entry »