Tim Tebow From Oklahoma’s Homeschool Vantage Point

2 01 2009

“Tim Tebow a shining example for homeschooled athletes
Different rules: Oklahoma homeschoolers have own teams”

Listen to Oklahoma’s homeschool community, and you’ll hear few complaints.

Perhaps that is because the opportunities are meeting the needs. Just in the Oklahoma City area, there are homeschool teams in basketball, baseball, softball and football among others.

There’s even homeschool fencing.

Still. . . Facilities are lacking. Practices are limited.

. . .Football might be from where the opposition to Oklahoma’s current rules eventually comes.

. . .”You want to know the end answer?” said Tim Flatt, who founded the Oklahoma City Storm homeschool basketball teams and now oversees the National Christian Homeschool Basketball Championships.

“The end answer is the first homeschool dad that’s an attorney whose kids are not allowed to play a sport that he wants them to be able to play … he files a lawsuit. There’s going to be no way to stop them from coming in.”

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