Comic Obama Celebrates the Real Obama

10 01 2009

Dawn, are you paying attention up there? 🙂

Obama Spider-Man

Cock of the snook for this to HuffPost.




6 responses

10 01 2009
Crimson Wife

I better hide that image from my Spidey-loving but Republican hubby before he gets an aneurysm…

10 01 2009


10 01 2009
Mrs. C

I think it’s cute! What would Spiderman’s job be in the new administration? Maybe he can build consensus because he’s red AND blue. :]

10 01 2009

Hi Mrs. C — good point about the colors being integrated in one super hero.

According to the storyline sketch at the link, Peter Parker transforms into Spiderman at the inauguration when he spots two Obamas. He “uses basketball” to figure out which one’s real, and Obama thanks him with a trademark fistbump. . .

11 01 2009

1. Buy comic, encase in plastic sleeve.
2. Sell on Ebay
3. Profit!

19 01 2009

Saw it but haven’t bought it yet!

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