12 01 2009

Tebow is staying for his senior year! Go Gators and keep on going . . .

Tebow thanked his teammates and coach Urban Meyer for making great memories, then thanked Gator Nation for its support. As Tebow reached the edge of the stage, he turned around.

”Oh, and by the way, one more thing,” Tebow told the crowd and a statewide TV audience. “Let’s do it again — I’m coming back.”

Just like that, a celebration of UF’s 2008 title — complete with a passing of the newest crystal football among its three national title quarterbacks — morphed into an early party for 2009 championship hopes.

And be still my heart! — in an unabashed embarassment of riches, we might even get to keep Harvin and Spikes too, shades of the basketball team championship repeat:

Tebow said he would talk to both teammates, “but I don’t want to pressure them. I want them to make the best decisions for themselves, and they will.”

Should all three players return, it would take a page from UF’s 2006 national-championship basketball team. Stars Al Horford, Joakim Noah and Corey Brewer passed up NBA riches to return and successfully defend their title.

Before this news but predicting it, came these 2009 divinations: Read the rest of this entry »

JJ Playing Over at Evolved Homeschooler Wiki

12 01 2009

I had just a shell page for the longest time, trying to be supportive of the effort and feeling I belonged there more than I do in the usual homeschool parent places, but not being a science geek didn’t think I’d ever be the one to actually add anything about evolution. Doc’s page is personal and yet so authoritative, for example . . .

Well, today I decided to bring what I could (power of story, natch) to our collective wisdom experiment, if for no other reason than to reassure other non-science thinking parents that their quirky kinds of minds are part of the overall survival solution, too.

Have you looked at these individual pages lately, taken a tour or mucked around in the sandbox there? Do YOU have an evolved homeschooler wiki page yet, and what will you do with it?