12 01 2009

Tebow is staying for his senior year! Go Gators and keep on going . . .

Tebow thanked his teammates and coach Urban Meyer for making great memories, then thanked Gator Nation for its support. As Tebow reached the edge of the stage, he turned around.

”Oh, and by the way, one more thing,” Tebow told the crowd and a statewide TV audience. “Let’s do it again — I’m coming back.”

Just like that, a celebration of UF’s 2008 title — complete with a passing of the newest crystal football among its three national title quarterbacks — morphed into an early party for 2009 championship hopes.

And be still my heart! — in an unabashed embarassment of riches, we might even get to keep Harvin and Spikes too, shades of the basketball team championship repeat:

Tebow said he would talk to both teammates, “but I don’t want to pressure them. I want them to make the best decisions for themselves, and they will.”

Should all three players return, it would take a page from UF’s 2006 national-championship basketball team. Stars Al Horford, Joakim Noah and Corey Brewer passed up NBA riches to return and successfully defend their title.

Before this news but predicting it, came these 2009 divinations:

#1. Florida will win back-to-back national championships
After beating Oklahoma in the Jan. 8 BCS Championship Game in Miami, the Gators will start the 2009 season ranked No. 1 in the country. Florida will go wire-to-wire at the top of the polls and will win its third national title in four seasons. Juniors Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin will return to school for their senior seasons, and speedy freshmen tailbacks Jeffrey Demps and Chris Rainey will be back. Every starter might come back on defense — if junior linebacker Brandon Spikes doesn’t enter the NFL draft. The Gators will play eight games in the state of Florida in 2009, but will have must-win road games at LSU and South Carolina.

#7. Oklahoma won’t match its 2008 success
Quarterback Sam Bradford will return to school for his junior season, but the reigning Heisman Trophy winner won’t be as effective in 2009. The Sooners lose four starters from the country’s best offensive line, as well as receiver Juaquin Iglesias. Junior tight end Jermaine Gresham also is expected to enter the NFL draft.

#11. Tim Tebow will win a second Heisman Trophy
As a senior, the quarterback will become the second player to win the Heisman Trophy two times, joining former Ohio State tailback Archie Griffin. Tebow’s main competition will come from Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant, Pittsburgh tailback LeSean McCoy, Bradford, Colt McCoy and Pryor.



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13 01 2009

And here in Indy Coach Dungy is coming back to Florida, and leaving the Colts..Ahh, we have loved, respected him and will miss him greatly. Now there’s a Christian who lives his faith well and wears it well as a man.

13 01 2009

Two articles about how Tebow lives his faith and why for him, college football is a vehicle to reaching people with that faith, rather than the other way around:

ESPN’s Pat Forde: Appreciate Tim Tebow

Sporting America has become too jaded to appreciate Tim Tebow. We’ve been Marion Jonesed and Mark McGwired and Barry Bondsed into suspecting there must be a dark side to the Florida quarterback, who does so many things right on and off the football field. We roll our eyes at his “saving the world in the Philippines,” when how many among us have bothered to go across town to help the poor, much less across the globe the way Tebow has? We’ve been conditioned not to trust a virtuous athlete when he’s right in front of us.

Tebow Returning to Spread the Faith

When Tim Tebow and his family sat down with Florida Coach Urban Meyer on Saturday to talk about the possibility of his entering the N.F.L. draft, the chat did not center on bonus money or his draft position.
Meyer said that the Tebows relished Tim’s platform as the most recognizable player in college football. Meyer said they discussed how the verse that Tebow wrote on his eye black — John 3:16 — for the Bowl Championship Series title game last week became the most searched item on Google.

“I think it will be out of control,” Meyer said of Tebow’s returning for his senior year. “I don’t know if I’d put him with Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods, but he’s as visible as any college athlete has ever been.”

Along with helping Florida to two national titles and becoming the first sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy, Tebow has carved an equally impressive niche off the field with his missionary and charity work. Meyer said that Tebow’s decision to return to Florida dovetailed with the power to spread his message off the field.

“His whole purpose of playing football and being Tim Tebow is to use it as a platform to spread his faith,” Meyer said . . .

13 01 2009

I do think we have become jaded on hearing that people, famous or not, are committed and dedicated to using their faith for good. Yet, we do know that speaking of their faith, flowed easily off the lips of many historical characters. And they often used their faith as motivation and framework for their life work, instead of the other way around

13 01 2009

Of course, we are jaded because there have been so many people use their faith for less than good, but it shouldn’t take away from those truly committed religious folk who find purpose and identity in their faith. IMHPO

13 01 2009

Thinking —
Maybe the best we can do is to try to look at each whole individual rather than the component parts as labeled, and for understanding rather than judging as our purpose? Recognizing that neither understanding nor judging would ever be perfect and complete . . .but that the drive to pursue it is very human.

14 01 2009

Duh. 🙂 Seems obvious to you and me, anyway! And not always something I do well. I can be quite a labeler! And have a very snotty nose attitude at times!, toward people like……Sarah Palin comes to mind right this instance!! 🙂 With all her news interviews recently, trying to defend herself against the evil biased media and confusing blogging opinion with real journalism. Give it up, Sarah and go home and do some homework on the real world, the kind that Hillary did to prepare for her confirmation hearings and come off looking like you really do know what you’re talking about. It’s called work, not charmschool!

14 01 2009

Well, there’s a really different example of “faith” being touted as driving someone’s decisions and career — no wonder we’re cynical!

14 01 2009

Back to Tebow — this from Moms Miami is fun:
Tim Tebow: Every Gator Mom’s [and Dad’s!] Dream:

But there’s one devoted following that few have noted. I’m talking about all the Gator moms who are ready to auction off their first-born daughters to the T-man.

It’s no secret that every Florida mother secretly hopes her daughter bumps into the dreamy quarterback on campus and Tebow falls helplessly in love with said young daughter, eyes locking over blueberry creme frappuccinos at the Library West Starbucks. I know some Gator moms who wouldn’t mind if their sons locked more than eyes with Tebow.

Now that Gov. Charlie Crist is off on his marriage-o-convenience, Tebow is Florida’s undisputed most eligible bachelor. . .

Spunky and Dana were writing seriously this week about some girl auctioning off her virginity to pay for grad school, something like that. A practical business transaction, no romance, no starry eyes. I fall more into this camp. 🙂

14 01 2009

Hmmm, so sex appeal is something else Tebow and Palin seem to share, he hyper-masculine and she hyper-feminine. Football hero and beauty queen. (McCain too, had that dashing bad-boy masculine thing going and married a fragile blonde cheerleader, of course, while Palin’s hubby is hyper-masculine.)

What put me off most from conservative religion in college, and still does, is how it exaggerates the stereotypical “masculine” and “feminine” to define rigid differences between the sexes — translating high heels and false eyelashes versus fighting and sweaty he-man sports, into church doctrine and social policy.

Betty and I were just talking about this at her new place!

“Who Would Jesus Smack Down?” details the rise of neo-Calvinist macho-minister Mark Driscoll, who brooks no dissent and enforces rigid gender roles including submission of women to dominant men who drink, smoke, swear and engage in violence to prove their worth; he rejects free will and preaches individual assignment to heaven or hell (mostly to hell) as predestined and beyond any person’s ability to change.

I was just writing about scary Pastor Driscoll on my Evolved Homeschooler wiki page, contrasting him with gentle, introspective brain scientist Steven Pinker, who’s profiled in the same NYT magazine.

So much of the social intrusion of Church into State is really about sex, maybe because conservatives are so much “sexier” than liberals, in terms of defining the masculine-feminine divide!

For example:

Cinderella meets Tokyo Rose

Rumpy pumpy minerals management in peep-toe patent leather

The only other woman governor with kids at home

Celebrity Sarah Palin to play Scarlett O’Hara in remake

6 03 2009

The Terrific Tim Tebow was a big hit here in hostile territory (Tallahassee, home of FSU) yesterday. Lawmakers were lined up like groupies to get his autograph.

7 03 2009
JJ’s Beloved Gator Nation Makes NYT for Education, Culture, History « Cocking A Snook!

[…] national championship Gator sports including homeschooled quarterback phenom Tim Tebow are a world unto themselves, a whole identity for kids to color themselves whether they wind up as […]

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