Bill Ayers Speaks Here Under Death Threats, In “Protest-Free” Zone

13 01 2009

Irony and education and political principles and identity disputes, mostly over who’s more dangerous to the rest of us and why, at our local university this week.

Gotta have something to keep us busy until the inauguration, I guess. . . down the road a couple of hours at my hometown university, they are fighting over civil rights for transgender individuals to be able to use public facilities as the sex they identify with and consider themselves to “be” — all depends on what the meaning of the word “is” is, sound familiar?

The pro-equity and personal privacy civil rights side calls itself “Equality for Gainesville’s Business” — the link should work now — and here’s a side-by-side position comparison from the local Chamber.

Here’s the wacko, bullying, traditional values trump all, repressive side.

(Can you guess which side I’m on? 😉 )

HUH?? Wait, now Dr. Phil is talking with doctors and parents of transgender kids, like it was any other familiar (comes from “family” right?) advice issue, has the world gone mad? We’re gonna need a whole new definition of “free” and “politically correct” too.