Libraries in Tough Times

15 01 2009

Audio from The Diane Rehm Show last week:

11:00 (second hour)
The Role of Libraries in Economic Hard Times

Libraries today have become multimedia centers, offering not only books but DVDs, e-books and Internet access. They can also be an especially important community resource during times of economic hardship. A look at the future of libraries in a slowing economy.

Carla Hayden, executive director, Enoch Pratt Free Library and past president of the American Library Association

Jim Rettig, President of the American Library Association. He is also the University Librarian at the Boatwright Memorial Library at the University of Richmond, Virginia.

Ginnie Cooper, Chief Librarian for the District of Columbia Public Library. She is the Former Executive Director of the Brooklyn Public Library.

American Library Association advocacy link.


15 01 2009

Most north Florida winters never get this cold —
Sunshine that only warms up afternoons to 45 or 50 degrees. Nights in the teens.

Usually my built-in, maternally enhanced bio-layers are enough to keep me comfortable here in the winters (miserable in the summers) but today I’m sitting here wearing four upper layers, two lower over my natural insulation. With a lap blanket. Brrr!