15 01 2009

Most north Florida winters never get this cold —
Sunshine that only warms up afternoons to 45 or 50 degrees. Nights in the teens.

Usually my built-in, maternally enhanced bio-layers are enough to keep me comfortable here in the winters (miserable in the summers) but today I’m sitting here wearing four upper layers, two lower over my natural insulation. With a lap blanket. Brrr!




3 responses

16 01 2009

Sounds like it’s time for a trip to Los Angeles. It’s been in the 80s all week!! I’ll start getting the guest room ready for you. 🙂

16 01 2009

And those margueritas you promised me . . . 😀

It’s been hot cider and cocoa here lately.

16 01 2009

But wait, your guest room isn’t cantilevered out over that daring new deck y’all just finished building, is it?

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