The Brain Takes the Witness Stand

16 01 2009


At best, we know more what we don’t know than we did before! So let us hear no more drivel and doggerel about absolute preordained right and wrong, casting “relativism” as mushy values and muddled thought (I’m still grumbling about the last smugly self-satisfied Cartesian who made that claim in discussion, as if her own brain were above our common evolutionary past — Mrs. Somebody or Other over at Spunky’s) and how we humans are able to judge events, ideas and each other based solely on indisputable facts.

The Brain, Your Honor, Will Take the Witness Stand
Researchers Probe How the Mind Determines Crime and Punishment, but the Science Isn’t Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

“What tends to happen with science is that people get starry-eyed about what it can do for the law,” says University of Pennsylvania law professor Stephen Morse, who sees the potential for misinterpretation. “Then the train leaves the station heading in the wrong direction.”




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