On This Day

20 01 2009

we gather to proclaim hope over fear. . .

The time has come to choose our better history. . .
ALL are free to pursue their full measure of happiness!

Jesus Christ and So Many Bows!

20 01 2009

Malia and Michelle are both wearing big bows, and now Aretha has a giant, very-Aretha bow on her hat. Bows are the surprising wardrobe theme for the ceremony I guess, hopefully not for the whole administration! 🙂

Same goes for Rick Warren’s “Jesus Christ controls this administration and the new president and all nations and all history” theme.

“Foul Play” in Church Tax Subsidies

20 01 2009

Lynn at Bore Me to Tears has a feisty discussion going about the mega-appeal of mega-churches as full-service communities. Made possible by the MONEY, of course.

I posted a comment there awaiting moderation (probably because it has too many links) so I’m putting it here too, in case it gets eaten somehow before approval.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about an old Chevy Chase-Goldie Hawn movie, Foul Play — remember it? It’s a comedy with the premise that a lunatic fringe group is trying to assassinate the Pope to force attention to their cause. Which is (drumroll please) the Tax the Churches League.

When I saw that movie I was working in the real world of journalism, education and public policy, and I just laughed too, what a ridiculous faux cause worthy only of screwball comedy. How silly, because churches are humble and good, just doing charity work, helping people, and religion isn’t political! (I was young and idealistic 30 years ago — and churches didn’t seem rich or powerful or politically active to me back then. At least not the protestant ones I knew, and I didn’t know much about political hardball in modern Catholicism yet.)

It’s funny the wikipedia entry for that movie cites its only controversy as the use of an albino as a villain! What about its prescient fingering of religion to take over the world through taxfree power?

I just Googled “tax churches” and there’s a real group here. Hey, I could be a believer!– of these ideas:

1. We love our country, and we believe strongly in its founding principals [sic]. . .

2. Second, we do not want to live in a theocracy. . .

3. Taxpayers should not be subsidizing religious institutions.

A couple of things since I submitted the above at Lynn’s —

First, I should email the website and let them know they misused “principals” when in context they must mean principles. Then in musing about whether I should actually bother to do that, I discovered this group is connected to my hometown! Read the rest of this entry »

Thinking of All the Bigots and Rednecks. . .

20 01 2009

. . .he’s met along the way all over America, take that!

— Tom Brokaw to Joe Scarborough just now, reflecting on the history he’s witnessed as news leading to this historic morning.