Thinking of All the Bigots and Rednecks. . .

20 01 2009

. . .he’s met along the way all over America, take that!

— Tom Brokaw to Joe Scarborough just now, reflecting on the history he’s witnessed as news leading to this historic morning.




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20 01 2009
Dean Helms

I have great respect for Mr. Tom Brokaw who has done so much over the years for the betterment of our country; but I was saddened this morning that when he took a swipe at the South in his remarks about Red Necks and Bigots. In a moment when we should all be pulling together and building a new unity in this country, Mr. Brokaw allowed his emotions and biases to spill out to a nation that is trying to heal and move forward. I don’t think such negativism and devisiveness reflects the spirit or tone set by Dr. King and now being advocated and promoted by President Obama. I hope Mr. Brokaw will reconsider his comments and offer an appology to Mr. Obama and the country.

20 01 2009

Really, that’s what you’re thinking today and want to go with?? Wow. I made a joke of wounded southern pride when presidential candidate Huckabee was bragging about frying up squirrel in the doublewide, but geez, I wasn’t serious! And don’t get me started on the bigoted redneck first family of Alaska, which is about as far from the South as bigots can get and still be in America.

I’m a Southerner too, Dean. I heard the conversation and the context, including southerner Joe Scarborough talking about what a proud day this is even for Republicans and conservatives. It wasn’t a swipe at the South at all, just a (very mild, considering the enormity of their crimes) acknowledgment of what bigots and rednecks wherever they are, have done to harm this nation. I actually first thought of Rick Warren for example. He’s not in the south unless you count southern California — a rich, glib white bigot in a sunny clime who will give the inaugural invocation today despite his biblically-justified bigotry.

If even gay Californians whose civil rights Warren says god despises, can accept his inclusion in the inauguration with grace (however grudging!) then surely we southerners can accept with some measure of grace, that bigots and rednecks down here have opposed American healing and held back progress too, during Brokaw’s career.

20 01 2009

This was pretty tacky and completely pointless.

Not to go all feminist, but let’s not forget the real majority (females) STILL hasn’t had a president to look up to as making the dream a reality. The least they could’ve done is respected Hillary Clinton as the closest thing we’ve had to it, rather than conservative men getting away with dismissing her today as more wife than powerful partner in the Change.

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