At Last

21 01 2009

Passing on this beautiful dream meme from Dale, because at last it’s real and I want it here at Snook for easy access, to enjoy over and over. Heck, to wallow in! SO soul-satisfying. . .



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21 01 2009

Definitely soul-satisfying and wallow-worthy. Thanks for posting; it’s the first time I’ve seen it. Makes me wish I could have been there in person 🙂

21 01 2009

Now this is what I call Power of Story! 🙂

22 01 2009

Le Sigh!

I love watching them together.

22 01 2009

Today’s NYT Arts section had this Power of Story about the Song:

A good campaigner wields symbols deftly, and Mr. Obama chose brilliantly with “At Last.” It’s an adoring, slow-dance love song with a title that can evoke far more. Politicos can take it to mean the end of the Bush administration and the Democrats taking control.

And Americans of all ethnicities can take it as a clear reference to Mr. Obama becoming the first African-American president: a decisive turning point in a history of slavery and racial discrimination. The song treats the moment not with self-righteousness or resentment, but as a long-awaited embrace: “Here we are in heaven/for you are mine at last.”

Music had long anticipated this moment. African-Americans repaid the historical injustice of slavery with generous and profound cultural gifts, making American music a free-for-all where fertile, powerful ideas — like swing, call-and-response, the modes and phrasing of the blues, the drive and dynamics of gospel and the immediacy of hip-hop — could triumph in the marketplace and on the dance floor.

For performers of every background, American popular music (and much of the world’s popular music) is, unmistakably, African-American music. Americans have long accepted black musicians as stars; sooner or later, politics had to follow. . .

22 01 2009

I was thinking earlier today (reading Steven Pinker’s thoughts about the botched oath of office) that the most important tolerance Obama is ushering in — for education, religion, peace, dignity, science, language, justice, the economy, the arts, you name it — is tolerance for ambiguity!

Because our worst human problems are caused by the lack of it.

President Obama is by the genes of his parents, just as much white as black, for instance. Just as African as American. One thing I secretly like about him is that he seems to have quit smoking without completely quitting forever, like I did and still do after 20 years. Most people say this is impossible and if you have even one cigarette, you haven’t really quit and you’re a smoker again. . .no tolerance for the ambiguity of not caring or thinking about it except when you are with certain friends, say, a few times each year and see no reason not to join them. 😉

I’m just SAYIN’! — I think I get Obama.

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