Answering the President

23 01 2009

There’s a new President with a pretty old-fashioned idea — that we should help our neighbors.

I think a lot of us do things already that fit in that category but the new thing that I am going to start is volunteering as a tutor in our library’s adult literacy program.

I’ve never done anything like this but they say that’s OK. I’m scheduled to attend a workshop to get started and then to meet with the literacy coordinator at the library to match me with someone who needs help learning to read English.

In Florida that might mean someone who speaks Spanish as much as it could mean someone who speaks English. I was told not to worry about that even though my Spanish is pretty much non-existent.

Another good thing the library does is to provide the space for this program. They don’t ask people to meet in their homes but have meeting rooms set up for the literacy program.

Why now? Well, we are in the library at least once a week and there is a big poster in the lobby asking for volunteers


and DD and I have looked at it and nodded and mumbled that we should find out about that for at least a year. But we all know how that goes. Life intervenes and it gets pushed down the list of things to do.  But then Obama kept talking and talking and talking and it finally clicked that I could probably find a few hours a week to help someone. What about that literacy program? I’m at the library anyway. Why not call? So I did and aside from not knowing how to fill out the application where it asks me what “skills and abilities” I have, it seems very manageable.

So, that’s my response to the President’s calls to service. Whether you are doing something similar or hate the whole idea, you can write about it and link your thoughts at the Thinking Homeschoolers wiki.