So I Loaded This New Chess Program for Kids. . .

29 01 2009

and Young Son is doing other things but *I* can’t stop playing, just can’t leave it alone, taking back and trying different moves to see what happens next and how it changes the game. Endlessly, without exhausting my ever-patient computer opponent. Autodidact Delight! (and why my posting here is suddenly light.)

This is probably addictive behavior. . .



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29 01 2009

Okay, I’ll bite: what new chess program for kids? 😎

29 01 2009

Hey Lori, sorry I gave the impression it was actually “new” — it’s just new here, not everywhere. But still good. It’c called Fritz and Chesster 2 (we never had the first one but apparently don’t need it) —

Fritz, Bianca, and Chesster are back in a new chess adventure! Advanced training in the Black Castle will have every player, from beginners on up, improving their skills and strategy. Jump into chess action to rescue Chesster from deep within the walls of King Black’s Castle. You’ll have lots of fun learning move by move about openings, middle game strategy and tactics, endgames, pinning, delivering check, attacking, protecting–and much more. Try out over 20 mini games within the game to practice what you’ve learned and see if you can get your name onto the high scoreboard!

Fun Coaching and Training:


* Basic openings
* Bull-head opening
* King’s Gambit
* Fool’s mate and scholar’s mate

Middle game (tactics)

* Attack and protect
* The pin
* Forks and skewers
* Distraction


* Square rule
* Key squares

And lots more!

* Powered by “Fritz”, the world’s leading chess software

30 01 2009

I, on the other hand, am pursing my own new addiction…playing a form of scrabble at Facebook. My excuse is that it’s winter and we’re “slightly” snowed in..

30 01 2009

So far I’m not on Facebook, but Scrabble is my lifelong addiction, just never find partners anymore. So you’re saying you can play online in Facebook? — do you have to have live opponents or do you play against a computer program, or both?

31 01 2009
Nance Confer

Don’t tell her, Betty!

She’s already hooked on the chess. Goodness knows when we’d see her again if she gets started on Facebook Scrabble. 🙂


31 01 2009


1 02 2009

Thanks, JJ! We actually have the first Fritz and Chesster – didn’t know there was a second one. I like their game approach to teaching the individual skills, but I wondered about game strategy – there isn’t much of any in the first one. Will check out the second game now!

12 02 2009
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27 08 2013


In its July 1859 issue, Scientific American rallied against a wicked game that made both the mind and body weaker—chess:

A pernicious excitement to learn and play chess has spread all over the country, and numerous clubs for practicing this game have been formed in cities and villages…chess is a mere amusement of a very inferior character, which robs the mind of valuable time that might be devoted to nobler acquirements, while it affords no benefit whatever to the body. Chess has acquired a high reputation as being a means to discipline the mind, but persons engaged in sedentary occupations should never practice this cheerless game; they require out-door exercises–not this sort of mental gladiatorship.”

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