And Now the Label “Married” Is In for Further Moral Meddling

3 02 2009

I knew it. I knew it wasn’t just the gays that these patriarchal oh-so-moral Identity Definers and Compulsory Crusading Life Coaches were after.

Now they are after me. MY marriage. Taking away not only my choice to be a parent or not, and when and with whom, but now my choice to stay married or not. Now because of their own private religious beliefs, “they” want to protect marriage not just from being entered into by homosexuals but from being ended by heterosexuals — they are after my perfectly legal in Florida but damned wrong to them, no-fault D-I-V-O-R-C-E.

Old Question Rears Its Head AGAIN: What’s in a Name?

3 02 2009

Or in a title.

Poor Doctor Jill Biden.
Stupid editorialists.

More posturing about “respect” from people who clearly just don’t get it. Words matter, and more than clothes make the man, words make his meaning.

This is the dawning of the Age of Intelligence, hopefully replacing the ages of class warfare, male dominion and blind faith doctoring up freedom. Surely working journalists noticed the presidential campaign and the election results? The literate, thoughtful professor types won and the tacky, simplistic-minded, drivel-spouting, action-craving, fighter-pilot, shotgun-shooting, megalomaniacal good-versus-evil ol’ boys (including Sarah Palin) lost.

And the title “doctor” applies to ALL fields and types of minds; even the best students aren’t all alike.

I’ve always lived in college towns where the title “doctor” conveyed Read the rest of this entry »