City Snitchers

4 02 2009

I’d call this real “pro-family” and “pro-life” advocacy, from Leonard Pitts today:

African Americans have never been a weak and cowardly people. Weak and cowardly people do not risk their lives running to freedom. Weak amd cowardly people do not stand against government and guns, dogs and fire, demanding freedom. Weak and cowardly people do not produce Harriet Tubmans, Henry Johnsons, Rosa Parkses, Martin Luther Kings or Barack Obamas.

But this right here, this so-called ”stop snitching” culture? It’s as weak and cowardly as it gets.

Until and unless we find it in ourselves to confront and roll that culture back, our inner cities will remain blighted places that never see their full potential, places where businesses fear to locate, good people fear to walk, a child is unsafe at her own front door.




One response

4 02 2009

Wonder if the (Catholic seminary trained and also African-American) new RNC chair Michael Steele, will join the Pulitzer Prize-winning Mr. Pitts in this?

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