What Would You Take to the Streets to Reform, in Education?

6 02 2009

French University Strikes Intensify:

Today’s industrial action is the latest in a long-running campaign of demonstrations among French education professionals. Just last week, thousands of primary and secondary school teachers took to the streets during a national strike to protest against job cuts and wide-ranging school reforms.

Industrial action is expected to continue in higher education, with unlimited strikes carrying on and a national demonstration scheduled in Paris next Tuesday.

Before the current economic crisis, JJ blogged her thinking about university (and automotive) strikes in America. See Hell Is Not Working:

Are these work lessons only Life can teach, or could the schools and culture do more to help the young learn about work as heaven rather than hell?

“If you think something’s supposed to hurt, you’re less likely to notice if you’re doing it wrong.”

And speaking of rage in the streets, colleges and cars, and the social reforms that might make political reforms possible instead of the other way around, Read the rest of this entry »