Bill Gates’ Change Checklist: Mosquitoes, Education, Sleep

7 02 2009

Bill Gates video at TED this week on how he personally is working to change the world. Yes, this is the attention-getting, audience-unsettling mosquito release stunt you heard about. . . and it’s all about education too (schools, libraries, teachers, and btw, praise for those KIPP charter schools that unions want back under collective bargaining controls.)

His service themes are mind-bogglingly well-funded through his foundation of course, but also for the most part they’re focused on smart, creative, pragmatic change, and what I might call “pro-life through choice” thinking. He is quite literally saving the lives of women and children worldwide, and making a world-changing difference in the lives of many millions more.

Bill Gates hopes to solve some of the world’s biggest problems using a new kind of philanthropy. In a passionate and, yes, funny 18 minutes, he asks us to consider two big questions and how we might answer them. . .

Bill Gates changed the world once, while leading Microsoft to dizzying success. He plans to do it again with his very own style of philanthropy.

Here is Arianna Huffington’s conversation with him at the TED conference, in which he talks more about his education philanthropy and gives a very personal plug to sleep as IQ-enhancing and vice versa, which is as y’all know, one of my own hobby horses:  🙂

I guess we all ride our own hobby horses. For me it’s so obviously our Tyranny of Time — you know, SCHOOL and its associated SLEEP DEPRIVATION causing so many of our culture’s interconnected education, family, social and health pathologies. (More on sleep research messing with learning here.)

. . .Probably I should go back to the Teresa Heinz Kerry blog tour collection and see what we can spring forward with . . . more on that here, thinking about the “body burden” we put on women and children and also here, about educating our own “parents’ palate” to help improve the health of learning environments at home and school.

I added this video to the Thinking Parents wiki page Nance created for links on answering the President‘s call.



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10 02 2009

The book by Elizabeth Gilbert that was referenced in the Huffington Post article, Eat, Love, Pray…is sitting on my reading stack right now…I think it’s very much a part of this renewal cycle that I find myself in..where I am withdrawing into a reconnection with my rural roots, of farm and nature and garden and home and hearth. It’s a physical and spiritual need to reformat my “hard drive”. 🙂

22 02 2009
Climate Contrarian: Abandon Hope?? « Cocking A Snook!

[…] Gates transforms his unimaginable wealth into hope for women and children living in hellish circumstance here on earth. And see Teresa Heinz Kerry and what she’s doing […]

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