“Pro-Choice? Quit Crying About Your Miscarriage”

7 02 2009

Here at Snook we’ve talked lately about “respect” — you know, what respect means, how we manifest it, and who owes it to whom for what.

We’ve talked about respect for marriage and/or divorce; for education choices and achievements, from charter schools to doctoral degrees to a politician educating his own children any darn way he sees fit regardless of party rhetoric; respect for the office of the presidency and/or respect for diametrically opposed inhabitants of that office; respect for neighbors who do or do not report criminals in their midst; respect for world-class musicians who use pre- or post-recording technology to give us their best despite weather at its worst; even respect for and respect shown by, personal wardrobe choices such as audacious hats, suitcoat or shirtsleeves. . .

Here now is a disrespectful post about human life, drawing attention from humans who seem to respect inhumane beliefs ABOUT human life more than actual human life:
Pro-Choice? Quit Crying About Your Miscarriage

I can’t find a scrap of respect personally, for the immoral and inhumane realities this belief inflicts.

But hmmm, maybe that’s the problem with all this respect in-fighting. . . People who don’t respect their own humanity much less mine or yours, people who beseech the cosmos for the strength to conquer the sinful, shameful human mind, body and heart, seeking to be saved from their own human mortality and then be given unearthly power to save me from my human life too, people who disrespect human progress and science and secular institutions and care protocols as not “natural” yet disrespect the natural too, as unworthy of the supernatural, people who literally believe they’ve been miraculously chosen (via their disrespect for the mundane) to transcend humanity and “live” beyond everyday, grubby, unworthy humanity, forever free of all human failings and trappings.

So wait. Isn’t the humanity they despise, distrust and yearn to slough off, the very same squalid, sinful, unworthy earthly human life they demand for unborn (sometimes even unconceived) human spirits currently “living” free without human form? The nascent human lives they would sacrifice all that is human to midwife, via the unwilling if need be, in the name of escaping human life for themselves!

My human head hurts . . .



3 responses

7 02 2009
Crimson Wife

If the author considers herself to be a Christian, IMHO she needs to worry a bit less about the hypocrisy of others and a bit more about her own. EVERY mom who has lost a baby deserves sympathy for that loss, regardless of her position on whether or not abortion on demand should be legal. It’s fine to hope that the tragedy might have the silver lining of making the mom rethink her position on the issue. But even if she does not, she still deserves sympathy.

10 02 2009
Mrs. C

I agree, Crimson Wife.

I suppose she’s exposing the hypocrisy of someone loving a “baby” when it’s wanted and calling it a “ball of cells” when it’s inconvenient. But she’s a little more than a bit inconsiderate in her method there… I think this is one of those “rants” that you know no one would ever say to someone else’s face, but it’s supposed to be OK to put online.


23 06 2009

Mrs C may not have consciously meant to raise this but she did. 🙂

This is pure Power of Story. It’s not hypocrisy to be human! It is established truth in cognitive psychology that how we think and feel, what we believe and why, makes all the difference in our reality!

Two kids in the same program or born into the same family, two adults working side by side, two prisoners locked up together, two soldiers fighting side by side. Are they in the same reality? Not really!

Same with a girl or young woman at two different times in two different frames of mind, in different relationships, neighborhoods, programs or pregnancies. . .can we define the difference between her joy and despair by external factors, with scientific precision?

Isn’t this is the real power of religious belief? It transforms reality by changing you inside, how you feel and see your condition and circumstance, how you see others and the world and the meaning of everything. (So it seems to me that devout people would really get that, you know?)

But instead biblical literalists at least, insist the opposite is true. That there is absolute immutable human truth apart from and outside of the transformative power of story within, and we must submit to it without understanding or question, to suffer and endure our fate.

Thereby denying what that made their story so powerful for human beings in the first place . . .

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