Florida School Science Under Sneaky Dominionist Wedge Strategy Again

10 02 2009

It’s ba-ack!

Just in time for Darwin’s 200th birthday celebration worldwide. . .

Past snook-cocking on evolution under attack by the Discovery Institute’s secret-agent spyscope Wedge Strategy:

Florida Follies: Billions of Years and Dollars VANISH!

Let’s Play Lose Ben Stein’s Movie

Wonderful Tradition of Philosophy and Science

The Freeing Discipline of Wonder

JJ’s Evolved Homeschooler Wiki Page

Intelligent Design? Obama Epitomizes It

10 02 2009

Words matter and statistics don’t lie, says the managing editor of Political Base. 🙂

Then I ran Word’s readability tool.

Guess what?

Bush’s answers were spoken at 7th grade level. Obama’s at a 10th grade level.

He’s got charts too, go see! This seems to bear out in cold hard numbers what the new president often articulates: that what we need now isn’t bigger OR smaller government, but smarter government.

Remember this? We Thinking Parents had a blog reading level meme making the rounds, based on the same general analytics:

And did you ever see the headache Sarah Palin’s gibberish gave a Slate wordsmith trying to formally diagram her sentences (as having any coherent meaning at any level, much less as “actual responsibility” for intelligent government.)
Are you ready yet, to matriculate from junior high to high school government, or will you give up, drop out and grumble about eggheads and how “street smarts” and bootstraps outweigh liberal education, and the bible is the only book that matters anyway?

If the latter, will you serve your children’s best educational interests or in fact stunt them with your own ignorance by Read the rest of this entry »