Florida School Science Under Sneaky Dominionist Wedge Strategy Again

10 02 2009

It’s ba-ack!

Just in time for Darwin’s 200th birthday celebration worldwide. . .

Past snook-cocking on evolution under attack by the Discovery Institute’s secret-agent spyscope Wedge Strategy:

Florida Follies: Billions of Years and Dollars VANISH!

Let’s Play Lose Ben Stein’s Movie

Wonderful Tradition of Philosophy and Science

The Freeing Discipline of Wonder

JJ’s Evolved Homeschooler Wiki Page



One response

10 02 2009

The NYT devotes most of today’s Science Times section — pages one through five — to Darwin celebration stories including a fun description of (Stephen Jay Gould’s childhood buddy) Richard Milner’s one-man bowler-hatted musical stage show, “Charles Darwin: Live & In Concert.”
Here’s part of the DARWIN section intro:

Here’s to how often he has been right! Here’s to how his ideas have evolved! A drink to the Tree of Life! A moment of silence to ponder human-driven evolution [really interesting; NPR had a whole program on this a few weeks back] A rude outburst from the guest in the corner . . .

I just now enjoyed the dead-tree version of all these stories, while Favorite Daughter had her last voice session preparing for state competition this weekend.

Btw, next weekend she travels to the annual state collegiate honors conference, where she’ll be awarded a prize for fiction writing. The college news release about it should be online any day. 🙂

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