Intelligent Design? Obama Epitomizes It

10 02 2009

Words matter and statistics don’t lie, says the managing editor of Political Base. 🙂

Then I ran Word’s readability tool.

Guess what?

Bush’s answers were spoken at 7th grade level. Obama’s at a 10th grade level.

He’s got charts too, go see! This seems to bear out in cold hard numbers what the new president often articulates: that what we need now isn’t bigger OR smaller government, but smarter government.

Remember this? We Thinking Parents had a blog reading level meme making the rounds, based on the same general analytics:

And did you ever see the headache Sarah Palin’s gibberish gave a Slate wordsmith trying to formally diagram her sentences (as having any coherent meaning at any level, much less as “actual responsibility” for intelligent government.)
Are you ready yet, to matriculate from junior high to high school government, or will you give up, drop out and grumble about eggheads and how “street smarts” and bootstraps outweigh liberal education, and the bible is the only book that matters anyway?

If the latter, will you serve your children’s best educational interests or in fact stunt them with your own ignorance by limiting them as you are limited?

Are your political point people worthy of intelligently designed government? Look at the politicians and pundits you favor and if you yourself (that’s a reflexive, did you catch it?)  are capable of intellectual rigor, then ask yourself objectively if you think THEY are.

Who among them thrived in academe and cultivated thoughtful scholarship in their own lives and families, became complex thinkers,  respected professors and Pulitzer Prize winners and Nobel laureates?

Who barely finished high school or claims to be self-educated in the parking lot, or dropped out of community college or maybe even managed to stumble to a nominal baccalaurate reading and knowing little, dreaming of nothing bigger than her own ego anchoring all earthly and celestial grand plans?

(Epitomize, matriculate, nominal and baccalaurate for example, are words one president and his like-minded pundits would use as easily as I do, his predecessor not so much. Guess which? Oops, predecessor, I did it again. . .)

To use more high school appropriate words President Bush probably wouldn’t, I surmise there’s a direct correlation.



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11 02 2009

LOL, at the Slate diagram. So funny…and sadly true! I just wrote at Writestuff, that despite my high school fears and thinking…I need to trust the Smart Power of the President that I helped elect. And then you put it in such “smart” terms..your college level writing shoring up my high school gibberish and worries.

11 02 2009

On NPR in the car just now, the brand-new record-holder as longest-serving Congressman ever (John Dingle (who’s been there our whole lives, Betty, imagine!) said that he’d served with 11 presidents, and his blunt opinion of this one is that he’s “extremely smart, extremely decent and extremely well-oriented.”

Couldn’t have put it better myself, with any words bigger OR smaller I can think of! 🙂

11 02 2009

Nance found this interesting take today, smart and thoughtful:

God Keep Our Land. . .

Canada is exhibiting governance of the sane and responsible variety, rather than the purely partisan.

After all, if national health care can actually cut costs, and limit the number of entitlement programs, than why shouldn’t it be viewed as a conservative solution for our country’s health care calamities? And if getting Government out of the home-ownership business actually leads to more prudent home buying practices, and at the same time results in the exact same level of home-ownership rates–in other words, its better for banks, the government, and the individual–how is this not in fact a progressive solution to our housing problems?

In other words, just because conservatives usually preach less government, and progressives usually preach more government, perhaps the answer is, it depends.

And here’s a (long but) good piece on President Obama as bringing back “American pragmatism” a la William James and Abraham Lincoln:

The Voice of American Pragmatism

. . .Obama and Biden alike have emphasized that pragmatic leadership begins with a very different opening premise than the ideological word play of the Bush-era. Whereas Bush told us that the priority was the ideology, and then defended that ideology at all cost, Obama is telling us that the priority is usefulness and so we must expect constant re-evaluation and fine-tuning as we go forward.

In a pragmatic form of leadership, the executive never stops asking: “Has this action been useful?” Actions that have not been useful are revised or discarded, actions that have been useful are amplified and applied more broadly.

What a different country it will be, if Obama’s emphasis on American pragmatism goes forward. It will be a country of achievement, instead of ideological positioning.

In the meantime, individual Americans and the media must step up and do their part to reclaim the spirit of pragmatism maligned so relentlessly by two terms of George W. Bush as president. In a country where pragmatism is attacked in the name of ideology, little if anything gets done. Elected officials stuck in the Bush-era will remain forever spectators rather than actors. But in a country rallied again to pragmatism, our leaders become the driving agents of useful action.

We have waited long and hard for pragmatism to return. Now that it is here again, Americans everywhere should reclaim it with pride.

24 03 2009
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