I Need Advice About Kids Handling Cash While in Europe

11 02 2009

Anybody? We’re having a teachable moment and need to make arrangements very soon for two young female backpackers with a Eurail pass visiting several different countries, without credit cards or bank accounts of their own.

When I went back in the 80s, it was all travelers checks plus my credit card, but I was an adult. Before the Euro (does that make it better or worse now?) and there were no online service models then, are there now? They won’t be taking laptops but can access internet cafes in some places, if that matters. So does anyone know from experience, or at least know of a forum or something where we can get some recommendations, about what works and what doesn’t, pros and cons of different methods, etc?

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Scholastic Pushing Junk on Kids in Classrooms

11 02 2009

Marketing in schools is a privilege and not a right,” Ms. Linn said in an interview.
“Scholastic is abusing that privilege.”

I don’t see why marketing in schools should be allowed at all. And doesn’t anyone read Alfie Kohn anymore, hmmm, or maybe teachers these days buy “Punished by Rewards” just to get some little plastic tiara packaged with it? 😦

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