The Revealer Offers Perverse Take on Valentine’s Day

14 02 2009

Here’s some new content emailed from Jeff Sharlet’s religious journalism site, how romantic! 😉

New from The Revealer, published at New York University’s Center for Religion and Media:

“Where’s the Love?” — Meera Subramanian on a Hindu extremist Valentine’s Day marriage-by-force campaign. (On The Revealer’s sister site, KillingTheBuddha dot com)

“My Bloody Valentine” — Louis A. Reprecht asks, “How have we gone from a beheaded priest to a giddy worldwide day of romantic love?
In a word: the widespread conviction that love is a dizzying sacrifice.” (Via ReligionDispatches dot com)

“Pray Away the Gay; Abort the Retort” — Two new “liberal” films, “Praying for Bobby” and “Revolutionary Road,” tell the same old conservative stories.

I Like Rachel Maddow But. . .

14 02 2009

. . .does she channel Paul Lynde and Alice Ghostley when she gets snarky, like she did tonight mocking how Blackwater is rebranding itself as “Xe”?

No matter, you’ve got to love her report on India’s pink-panty rebellion by the “consortium of pub-going, loose and forward women”!