I Like Rachel Maddow But. . .

14 02 2009

. . .does she channel Paul Lynde and Alice Ghostley when she gets snarky, like she did tonight mocking how Blackwater is rebranding itself as “Xe”?

No matter, you’ve got to love her report on India’s pink-panty rebellion by the “consortium of pub-going, loose and forward women”!




4 responses

15 02 2009

But, I really go her point…Xe…what the heck? From scary blackwater to almost spiritual sounding future world…Xe??

15 02 2009
Nance Confer

Because we are too stupid to know it’s the same scumbag company?


15 02 2009

Agreed! I meant her facial interpretation, a sort of sad eyebrow slant and ducked chin, not editorializing on the content. Just identifying what she was saying when I noticed that look. 🙂

15 02 2009

And “”zee” — seems appropriate in a creepy way, don’t you think, as the last sound of the aphabet, for an apocalypse-courting company?

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