The Revealer Offers Perverse Take on Valentine’s Day

14 02 2009

Here’s some new content emailed from Jeff Sharlet’s religious journalism site, how romantic! 😉

New from The Revealer, published at New York University’s Center for Religion and Media:

“Where’s the Love?” — Meera Subramanian on a Hindu extremist Valentine’s Day marriage-by-force campaign. (On The Revealer’s sister site, KillingTheBuddha dot com)

“My Bloody Valentine” — Louis A. Reprecht asks, “How have we gone from a beheaded priest to a giddy worldwide day of romantic love?
In a word: the widespread conviction that love is a dizzying sacrifice.” (Via ReligionDispatches dot com)

“Pray Away the Gay; Abort the Retort” — Two new “liberal” films, “Praying for Bobby” and “Revolutionary Road,” tell the same old conservative stories.



7 responses

14 02 2009
Jeff Sharlet

I hardly think this counts as MY perverse take on Valentine’s Day. Meera Subramanian is reporting on a group in India that beats couples for expressing affection in public and forces them to marry or face more violence. Perverse? I think so. I hope you do, too. And I hope you agree that such news is important.

As for Louis Reprecht’s take, he’s an academic historian writing on the history of Valentine’s Day, which contains a fair bit of violence. Again, we might wish it weren’t so, but pretending it isn’t does us no good.

I’ll cop to the last item expressing some opinion. But I don’t see why it should offend conservatives. The fact is that both films do reach conservative conclusions, despite being marketed and celebrated as liberal films. That’s worthy of note. Whether one thinks that’s a good thing or a bad is up to you.

14 02 2009

Hey, I am HONORED you came by, even to accuse me of taking liberties with my headline, just trawling for some of my Sharlet-loving readers so they’d have something besides sweets to enjoy today (and I plead guilty but hope you’ll “forgive” me?)

p.s. I bought, read, and am in awe of The Family. . .


14 02 2009

Jeff, you do realize I was quoting from the email subscription I got from your site today? Hence the blockquote — none of the verbiage was mine (except of course the headline.)

14 02 2009
Jeff Sharlet

Oh, dear — I totally misread your blog. And I think I’ve read it before. Hell, if I’d just read the following post, about Rachel Maddow, I would have understood. I’m afraid I’ve gotten so accustomed to conservatives accusing me of base crimes against humanity that I misread your headline.

So, apologies, and thanks.

And I think I’ll check out your blog more often. Like your “Evolved Homeschooler” logo.

14 02 2009

Any time — as I said, honored! 🙂

14 02 2009

It is SO hard being an evolved homeschooler blogger, but we like to think it’s our, um, calling? 😉

15 02 2009
Nance Confer

Darn — now to go delete Revolutionary Road from my Netflix list. 🙂


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