JJ Makes Another Book Meme Her Own

27 02 2009

Okay, I wanted to play nice but this recycled meme copied from some random blogs made me cross — it purportedly comes from “The BBC Booklist” so I marked up all 100 books ready to share, before I tracked this back to the original BBC list voted on by British readers in 2003, and found the thing’s been tinkered with, like a game of Gossip.
(On the Intertubes, imagine that!)

For example, Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett which left me (and Oprah) awestruck, and which now has a satisfyingly fat sequel sitting in my bedside on-deck stack, belongs at #33 but was dropped completely off the list for meming purposes, what’s that about??

Jane Austen dominates the meme version, but the BBC’s real readers voted for plenty of Terry Pratchett and children’s book specialist Roald Dahl (but no Dr. Seuss??)


while Jane Austen was put in (or out of?) her place! . . .OTOH, Shakespeare and Margaret Atwood aren’t on that original list, which is a loss imo and one reason to prefer blog-altered versions. No Ann Patchett on either list, hmmm, not even Bel Canto which should be required reading before registering to vote??. . .

So I could’ve meddled further, kept in and put in more of my own favorites, taken out titles on the real list that trip my gag reflex, like Clan of the Cave Bear [shudder] and certainly added the Ranger’s Apprentice series.

But I blog the virtues of my own best books without following any meme or popular vote, see “Choose Nine Books for Your Gift Box.” Or this, in which I demonstrate that to me, all holiday gift list memes should be book lists too:

Via BlogHer, where there’s lots more holiday fun and we’re encouraged to add our own custom-crafted gift lists, say for evolved homeschoolers or unschooling dads? . . .

All my lists for giving and getting turn into book lists — this year I found a couple of great word books for my pubescent nephews, but geez, “Word Books for Pubescent Nephews” might be a bit too esoteric a list, even for BlogHer? 😉

So instead, I redid my personal 100 using the real unadultered BBC list, not anyone’s bastardized meme momma version! Here ’tis, play along if you want: Read the rest of this entry »