Intelligent Design Disproved — by Republicans!

2 03 2009

Humor: Mr. Science disproves Intelligent Design :

Q. Can science disprove the theory of Intelligent Design?

Mr. Science: Yes. The conduct of the Republican congressional delegation disproves the theory of Intelligent Design.

Q. What explains the Republican congressional delegation?

Mr. Science: This is a controversial question. Since the behaviors they exhibit do not confer survival value, scientists attribute the delegation’s existence to a phenomenon known as “genetic drift.” Americans who prefer biblical over scientific explanations believe the Republican delegation comprises the remnants of the lost tribe descended from Sabetha, the evil son of Cush.

Q. Should we mandate that public schools teach both sides of this controversy?

Mr. Science: Absolutely. Teach the controversy. Present both sides and let the students decide for themselves. This has worked well with the theory of heliocentricism, which is now accepted by 53 percent of adult Americans. . .



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