Lol! Rebuttal to the “Going Galt” Argument

6 03 2009

From an essay titled, “The Right Doubling Down on Ayn Randism”:

Well, I’ve heard this “Atlas Shrugged” argument many times before, and in my experience, there have been two constants. The people who make it are first, not very bright. And second, they are not very wealthy. . .

True, if you think about a Warren Buffett or a Bill Gates, for example. Smart and rich but not exactly Randian. They to the contrary seem to grasp quite well, that the economic well-being of their customer base is somewhat related to the taxes willingly paid by Big Business and also to the humanitarian outreach it explores.

And I liked Socialism Isn’t What I’m Worried About from the Motley Fool:

So, I’m not worried about our country careening into socialism, nor am I interested in giving Joe on the street everything he wants. There are some places where the invisible hand should be slapped aside and the government should step in, but at the same time, average Joe is going to need to be told to take his lumps in other places. Pitting socialism and capitalism head-to-head in a Bloodsport-style death match may make for exciting — if not loud — media coverage, but I think we’re short-changing ourselves if we think that one dogmatic view or another needs to emerge victorious.

Teach the Controversy: UN Convention on Rights of the Child

6 03 2009

Without getting into evolution today, I write of another controversy with many lessons to teach us — whether to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

My local homeschool list has been debating a statewide legislative alert, urging all homeschooling parents to contact US senators to be sure they know we believe ratifying it would destroy the family as we know it.

Will the United States undermine our Constitution and all that is holy about child-rearing families headed by autonomous parents, if we formally ratify the Convention? Our new president (you know, the constitutional scholar, redeemed Christian and the devoted father of two young daughters being raised in a strong, close nuclear family) thinks it’s high time we officially ratify the rights of the child. The conservative religious right says no, it’s high time we officially protect parent rights instead. The Vatican signed it right away, almost 20 years ago.

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